DNK – Norwegian War Risk

War, terrorism and piracy may result in great losses of which the shipping and offshore industry is often affected. Providing war cover is the business of Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK). The Association's purpose is to insure on a mutual basis, interests attached to vessels, drilling rigs and similar movable units against war risk.

DNK is a Norwegian insurance company who insures interests attached to vessels, drilling rigs and similar movable units against war risk. DNK is organised as a mutual association where the members of the Association are the assured. All our members are either Norwegian owned or managed companies that maintain a significant interest in the national shipping industry.

DNK is one of the major operators in the marine war risk market. DNK's risks are covered through a comprehensive reinsurance scheme in the international market. One of DNK's most important objectives is to provide their members with a comprehensive portfolio of war risk insurance products at competitive conditions.


The Association is open for membership by companies within the Norwegian Shipping Community.

Vessels can be entered with DNK if they represent sufficient Norwegian interests.

Norwegian interest may be represented by NOR or NIS flag, Norwegian ownership or management, either directly or through a joint venture that is meeting the requirements. Membership may also be granted if the vessels sail under foreign flag as long as there is Norwegian ownership or management, or where the owner maintains significant interests in Norwegian companies. Newbuildings can be insured based on the same criteria. The final decision on membership is with the Board of the Association.

For more information on membership visit: https://www.warrisk.no/about/membership/

Company Details:

Website: https://www.warrisk.no/

Email: dnks@warrisk.no

Phone: +47 22 93 68 00

Address: DNK Rådhusgata 25, 0158 OSLO Norway