Gas & LNG Summit Canada

Gas & LNG Summit Canada

  • Calgary Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Gas & LNG Summit Canada is set to take the gas industry by storm with an exciting program & unique activities, specifically designed for gas & LNG leaders. It will be held in Calgary, Alberta on November 5th, 2019, featuring fruitful discussions, an inspiring exhibition and not-to-be-missed networking opportunities.

Take a look at the top five things that will make you want to go to the Gas & LNG Summit Canada!

Five Reasons to Attend the Gas & LNG Summit Canada

1. Canada’s LNG Aspirations

The Canadian natural gas industry is determined to maximize the value of its resources and expand its reach in the global market. To achieve this goal, industry players are ready to develop new LNG projects across the country.

According to a Conference Board of Canada study, LNG exports could add roughly $7.4 billion to Canada’s annual economy over the next 30 years while creating an annual average of 65,000 jobs. The Gas & LNG Summit Canada is the perfect place to learn about the best approaches for an effective LNG strategy.K

2. Knowledge From Industry Insiders

Who will be at the event to provide these approaches? The Summit organizer Wisdom Events will ensure to invite the brightest minds of the global industry, senior executives from key LNG companies and world-renowned experts to share their experiences and scientific data.

They will provide interesting insights and dive into discussions about the most relevant issues in the market, covering mistakes to avoid and revealing unique opportunities. The event program will be a balanced mix of panel sessions and individual presentations. This will allow the audience to hear a number of different perspectives in a relatively short amount of time.

3. Variety of Participants

Speakers are not the only ones that will have diverse backgrounds. The whole attendee list is set to include LNG professionals from across the value chain. The Summit will have downstream, midstream & upstream professionals, EPC contractors, a variety of service providers, representatives from various industry associations and government officials.

4. Premium Networking Opportunities

An extensive list of participants is an exciting feature, but will there be time to meet them all? Of course! The Gas & LNG Summit Canada will have plenty of time for networking between informational sessions. It will create a perfect chance to connect with fellow attendees, build partnerships or slip away for private meetings. For a more informal networking experience, an evening reception with drinks and food will create a relaxed environment for ease of conversation.

5. Excellent Track Record of the Event Organizer

While this is the first Canadian event by Wisdom Events, this leading Summit organizer has a great experience delivering North American events. The annual LNG USA Summit in Houston has become an industry favourite during its three successful years.

Previous attendee Ryan Hickman from Cheniere has said: “It’s worth coming here for sure. There’s a lot of conferences out there and this one had a good range of topics and good attendance.”


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